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Dita Malečková

Philosopher, lecturer, writer, artificial intelligence researcher. Co-creator of digitalphilosopher and digitalwriter.

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About Me

I studied Philosophy and Information Science at Charles University in Prague. I lectured for a decade about New Media, Art, Philosophy and Media theory. From 2019 my attention is focused on relation of human and artificial neural networks.

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Experiments with neural networks

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Digital Philosopher

The Idea of the Year, AI Awards, 2019

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Digital Writer

The shortlist of Prix Europa, 2021
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Digital Writer 2

Second series of Digital Writer for the Czech Radio

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Past Experience

Lecturer and Researcher, Charles University in Prague

2009 - 2019

Lecturer and Designer, The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts

2018 - PRESENT

Lecturer, Prague City University

2020 - 2022

Creative director, Open Lab

2021 - 2022

AI Curator, Alpha Industries

2019 - PRESENT

External Consultant, The Karel Čapek Center

2020 - PRESENT

External consultant, MSD

 2017 - 2018

Freelance contributor, Institute of Complex Systems

2014 - 2015

Learning Strategist, MTC

June 2022 - PRESENT

Lecturer and Researcher, Beyond Tech

January 2023 - PRESENT

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Charles University in Prague

2011 - 2016

The study of visual information incorporating the function of information entropy with a focus on abstract art.

Charles University in Prague

 2004 - 2007

Master thesis: The Notion of Chaos in the French Poststructuralist Philosophy.

Charles University in Prague

2000 - 2003

Study of Humanities. Thesis on the Notion of Madness and Irrationality in the Western Philosophical Tradition.

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